Sonia Pallett is an Aboriginal Jewellery Artist who brings her culture into her jewellery pieces. Telling her story of her jewellery by using Aboriginal symbols and different gemstones.

Sonia’s mob are from Kooma, which is in South West Queensland near Cunnamulla. Born and raised in Wiradjuri Country in NSW she has made jewellery on and off over the years with releasing a symbols collection a few years ago. She is always adding new pieces and with her connections to Gamilaraay Country she likes to use when she can, Opals in her jewellery.

Always trying to learn new things she constantly adds to her techniques of jewellery making which makes her jewellery strikingly unique. Her jewellery is mostly named in Wiradjuri with each one having different meanings that give a strong connection to culture, check out the website and be part of the story.


The Unexpected Guest is a 100% First Nations Australian owned business based in Minto in South Western Sydney, NSW. We make products with clean, healthy and unrefined ingredients sourced from Australian businesses and producers.

Our goal is to produce quality Australian Certified Organic breakfast mueslis and premium snack products infused with Australian Indigenous ingredients. Please use the code yabun21 for 10% discount across all products.


BARKAA has collaborated with Cleonie Quayle of CQ Aboriginal Jewellery to design and create a series of custom handmade and one of a kind range of merchandise.

Cleonie Quayle is BARKAA’s mother, a Malyingapa woman from the Barkindji nation. Cleonie and BARKAA both believe that beautiful artwork should not just be hung on walls, but showcased as jewellery to admire and display the brilliant artwork by Aboriginal artists.

BARKAA and CQ Aboriginal Jewellery collaborate with other businesses and artists when making jewellery, so you can be assured that the unique piece of jewellery purchased funds not only BARKAA and CQ Aboriginal Jewellery, it also supports other Aboriginal artists and business owners.

Permission was sort to use the paper on jewellery from the supplier Better World Arts who pay the artists monthly royalties and also sort from Dreamtime Kullilla-Art, who are an Aboriginal owned and operated business.

Founder, Yarrie Bangura fled her war-torn home in Sierra Leone when she was just eight. Months later, she would arrive in Australia as a refugee. Yarrie's memories of her African heritage inspired her to start making the special ginger brew that she drank in her youth.

The natural remedy, made by her Aunty and Grandmother, was given to the community to ward off colds and encourage digestive health. To Yarrie, Aunty's Ginger Tonic isn't a business. It's a symbol of her past, her future and the power of community. Through her business, Yarrie strives to ‘give back’ to her fellow Australians, and to inspire others in the refugee community to follow their dreams.

 My name is Saretta Fielding and I am a Wonaruah woman. I have enjoyed the benefit of growing up within a large and close knit extended family and much of my work is influenced by family connection and relationships.

My artworks are reflective in style to many traditional sand engravings found throughout Wonnarua country and the Hunter Region and are connected to country in style and design through the use of a sand based medium and engraving technique. The highly textured pieces embody the age-old sandstone engraved artworks created by our ancestors and add a unique dimension to the works.

am Ngyiampaa woman born on Gadigal land (Sydney) and grew up on Wiradjuri (Griffith) and Yugambeh (Gold Coast) country before moving down to Ngunnawal country (ACT region) in 2012. Marrawuy Journeys is a Supply Nation registered, 100% Aboriginal owned business where I incorporate my own journey and experiences into pieces of artworks. I have also extended this to incorporating the journeys of others, be that of individuals or organisations, and turning them into personal pieces of artwork.

Marrawuy (Mar-ra-way) in my ancestors’ language of the Wongaibon people means Red Kangaroo. From my research, I have been able to find a family tree that shows that the totem of one of my ancestors, Richard King, was a Red Kangaroo. This is one of the reasons I have chosen to go by Marrawuy Journeys but the other is the fact that a Kangaroo can’t easily jump backwards. This also resonates strongly with me because no matter what challenge I am thrown, I keep moving forward.

My name is Jennifer Stefanac and I was born into a connected, colourful and resilient family in Wellington, Wiradjuri Country in New South Wales, Australia. I was adopted into a non-Aboriginal family and then reunited with my relatives in the 90’s.

I have developed many relationships across political, public/private sectors and have made community connections that will add a unique pool of knowledge and experience to build the Blackseed brand. With a passion for food and learning about my culture, I have utilised my experience and training to take others on a journey that is ancient, healthy and delicious.  

All of Bomsy Studio products are handmade, hand painted and scented candles are hand poured with 100% Soy wax

Caressa Designs is owned and operated by Caressa Murphy, a Gumbayngirr woman, living in Dharawal country. Caressa has extensive experience in fashion and design and has recently focussed on creating unique pieces for babies and children to keep culture strong.

Caressa uses printed cotton material that comes from a range of artists across Australia to keep the traditions of storytelling alive for the youngest generation. We love what we do and we hope you continue to love us so we can be part of your family too.

Amber's Food Wraps is about connecting with culture and looking after Mother Earth. With a product that was birthed from a dream, I had after going through a Spiritual crisis when dealing with the deaths of several loved ones.

I am a Ngunnawal Woman living on Worimi Country and have spent the majority of my life on Yuin Country where I had the teachings of land and culture from our elders, passed down to me. I pay my respect to them that have passed, them that are still present and those that are emerging.

Our products are made from First Nation designs telling their significant personal Dreamtime Stories on fabric. We support the Artist from across the Northern Territory to keep the Dreamtime Storytelling alive.

Our products are made from 100% cotton fabric dunked in beeswax and other organic ingredients to make a product you can use to wrap sandwiches, cheese. nuts and fruits. To cover bowls of salads or plates of leftovers. To store your vegetables in the fridge while keeping them fresher for longer.

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